Parfitt Brothers of New York

I was looking for Parfitt images on Flickr today and found a wikipedia article

What surprised me is how they did what I wanted to do. They designed a block of artist’s housing in a major city. Those of you that know me well, know that when I lived in New York City, I wanted to do this. I have always played around with ideas of an artist colony. I think it would be a great thing to create. What an interesting coincidence. And no, I am not related to these Parfitts which I find odd. You think the great, gran of a Massachusetts architect who’s folks came from England would be kin to another English architect with the same last name. But no. We are not kin. 🙁

Wooden Garden Bench Plans

I have been looking at Pinterest for some interesting garden bench plans for the back of the garden. We have a beautiful view of the mountains and I would like to put some benches up there. Also on the to do list is to move the porch swing to the back garden as well, but it needs a stand. 

I like the simple bench plan I found on They recommend adding cross bracing if you will be moving the bench often.
This bench calls for:
4 -4×4 post legs 13″ long
2- 2×4 supports 19″ long
3 1/2 heavy duty exterior screws
5 – 2×4 seat boards each 47″ long
The finished bench is 16″

Another plan I looked at is –

And yet another plan I looked at was –

The swing arbor I found was at

But I prefer this one – Swing Support Frame Which links to