Cool Websites, Apps & Links from the NC Center for Nonprofits

Paula Jones had a great session called, “Technology on a Tight Budget”. The links below are from a fabulous hand-out she gave all of the attendees. I highly recommend this conference.

Fundraising – Chipin
Communication & Collaboration –
Project Management software –
Doodle A great website to schedule events & board meetings
QR Codes – or BeQRious or QR Code

Shopping Cart Adventure continues

I received an email from coffee cup software and looked at their shopping cart software that integrates with paypal. Interesting. But then the $49 version doesn’t do alot of stuff the $129 pro version does and I am wondering how it will integrate with the wordpress blog.
I could go with Paypal by itself, but I would like something purty.
Google Checkout is another option. they charge a 2.9% fee as well as .30 per transaction if you sell less that $3k per month. Is that alot, or is it just me?
Dreamhost has partnered with WebAssist and made this project called CafeCommerce. It’s $30 a month, no transaction fees and no set-up fees. To process credit cards via CafeCommerce you can use paypal or e-online data. E-online data charges .25 per transaction as well as a $10 monthly service fee and a $10 monthly processing minimum fee.
So my question to myself is, would it be cheaper to go with a per transaction charge if we (the client and I) don’t know how much business we would originally start out with.
Good review –

Searching for a good E-commerce Platform

I have been looking at various E-commerce solutions. Zen-cart is an open source E-commerce software that usually installs with several different webhosting providers. I met someone recently whom recommended Shopify. I found an interesting article on top-ten reviews that compares the different E-commerce packages out there.
Also JoelX wrote a blog post comparing some of the major E-commerce sites.