The Escape RV/Cabin

I want one of these!! says, “ESCAPE is an adorable RV in Canoe Bay that looks just like a tiny cabin! Clad in sustainably harvested timber inside and out, the cute cabin can be placed just about anywhere and moved as necessary. The eco-conscious RV packs a lot of living space in just 400 square feet, making it the perfect vacation cottage.

Read more: Tiny, Ultraportable ESCAPE Cabin Can be Moved Anywhere Just Like an RV | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building ”

ViralNova has some cute pictures of the Escape RV/Cabin by the architect, Kelly Davis. She is following in the footsteps of the tiny house movement cabin rage.

Another article by talks about the high insulation rating of the walls, floor and ceiling. I am sold and want to buy one straight from the manufacturer canoe bay escape.

Save Sertoma 4-H Center

As you guys know I bleed green. I love 4-H and the camping program. It has made me the adult I am today.

Yesterday I received a text from a good friend saying that Sertoma was to be shut down. I couldn’t believe it. I receive a copy of the memo original memo 4-H Camps Update_10-16-13 today. Spurned to action by former camp staffers I created a Facebook group and bought a domain name. I am now looking for people who will help me be the voice of Sertoma 4-H Educational Center. Please email me at janis at if you are interested in helping.

Here is my suggested action of the day. Email, and Tell them why you think 4-H Camp Sertoma should remain open.
Talking points
1. The summer 2014 calendar is full (that’s a steady stream of income)
2. Sertoma is supplimenting the camping season and almost self-sufficient thanks to the extra income from wedding groups.
3. Sertoma is not subsidized like the Eastern Center. It is almost financially in the black.
4. 4-H Camp touches the lives of over 1,200 youth a summer!

What else can you do? Join our Save Sertoma Facebook group. I need help making more well crafted talking points. I am an art teacher remember. 😉


Can you believe the WXII12 news even picked up the story!

Captain’s Coming

A wonderful indoor large group summer camp game is Captain’s Coming. Here are some of the commands – a la Camp Sertoma Version.

Port (left)
captain coming (attention salute)
at ease (stop saluting)
bicycle (legs in air bicycling)
all clear (stand up after hit the deck)
abandon ship (sit in rows of 3 and row)
return to ship (after abandon ship)
Chow Time (1 person pretends to be a table, 2 people pretend like they are eating soup)
hit the deck (lay down on stomach)
swob the deck (mop)

If you move without saying at ease or return to ship you’re out.
Another version can be found at TeamPedia.