T-shirt Yarn Videos & Instructions

I  have been long since been interested in T-shirt Yarn. I wondered how to make it and went to You Tube, the all purpose search engine.

I like the video above, better than the others I found on You Tube, because of the camera angle and the idea of looping the T-shirt around an ironing board.

This video shows how to join 2 pieces of T-shirt yarn without a huge knot showing.


HaniwaI came across Haniwa figurative sculptures when I was teaching an art history class at Forsyth Technical Community College. Simply, I just love them. As I am working on art for my upcoming art show I wanted to remind myself of the many varieties of grave sculptures. Gyroids Universedoes a good job explaining what Haniwa sculpture is and makes references to how when are incorporated into some digital games. Dare I call them cute and intriguing? On the Chiba website they surround a very large tomb like the Kofun burial mound. Aerick Duckhugger visited a Haniwa garden and took some excellent pictures and posted them to his blog.

Asia Society Haniwa sculpture

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