Save Sertoma 4-H Center

As you guys know I bleed green. I love 4-H and the camping program. It has made me the adult I am today.

Yesterday I received a text from a good friend saying that Sertoma was to be shut down. I couldn’t believe it. I receive a copy of the memo original memo 4-H Camps Update_10-16-13 today. Spurned to action by former camp staffers I created a Facebook group and bought a domain name. I am now looking for people who will help me be the voice of Sertoma 4-H Educational Center. Please email me at janis at if you are interested in helping.

Here is my suggested action of the day. Email, and Tell them why you think 4-H Camp Sertoma should remain open.
Talking points
1. The summer 2014 calendar is full (that’s a steady stream of income)
2. Sertoma is supplimenting the camping season and almost self-sufficient thanks to the extra income from wedding groups.
3. Sertoma is not subsidized like the Eastern Center. It is almost financially in the black.
4. 4-H Camp touches the lives of over 1,200 youth a summer!

What else can you do? Join our Save Sertoma Facebook group. I need help making more well crafted talking points. I am an art teacher remember. 😉


Can you believe the WXII12 news even picked up the story!