Minecraft Birthday Party

Creating the Steve Head – I cut out 2″ construction paper squares of different shades of beige, brown and black and white. We glued these on a cardboard box. I put the face on one side and ran the hair line all the way around and filled the rest of the space with random brown squares.


Creating the Creeper Head – Just like with the Steve Head, I cut out 2″ squares of construction paper, but this time the squares were shades of green and then black.


I found a Happy Birthday Banner on the internet and printed it out to hang on the wall.


Tame Wolf Birthday Cake  – I didn’t like the minecraft cake symbol as a birthday cake. I wanted something that reflected more of my daughter’s interests. After finding an image of a tame dog for the bingo card below. I suggested we use that as a cake theme. It worked out beautifully.



Great Birthday Party Ideas from MommaD And Da Boyz Blog and Party Games

Pin the Tail on the Piggy Party Game
Minecraft Ghast Pinata
IMG_9740Hanging GhastIMG_9768


I created some Minecraft bingo cards to play at the birthday party. I ordered some party favors from amazon.com and gave those out to the winners.