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  Janis Henderson-Hunsucker - Curriculum

Pictures from my garden:

What is my curriculum? The Standard Course of Study of course! I believe in exposing students to many different art mediums so they can find one that matches their interests.

I have worked hard to create materials for my classroom. If you have questions about them please email me.

I have moved the 99% of my curriculum to my Visual Art Teaching blog:

Art Quizzes

These quizzes were created using Hot Potatoes software. It is easy to use and free, I highly recommend it if you are a teacher. I use these quizzes for test review and as a station for students who are finished with their work early.  
Elements of Design

Art Graphic Organizers

Here are some graphic organizers I have made using MS Word and Inspiration.

elements of design graphic organizer principles of design go
line frayer color wheel graphic organizer
weaving part to whole

Computer Performance System (CPS) Tests

Printmaking CPS Quiz

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